Looking for something to do that is off-the-beaten-path?

Want to do something much more adventurous than a guided tour?

Trail hikes starting to seem like long, monotonous treks?

Then, you might be ready to go kloofing!

We say ‘might be ready’ because kloofing involves jumping off cliffs, abseiling (lowering yourself down cliff with a guide rope) and swimming in rivers and pools located in deep canyons and gorges. It’s somewhat dangerous, always exciting and definitely, wet.

Start by booking a kloofing adventure with one of the several South African companies. This is certainly the least hazardous way to go kloofing. Besides, these outfits have all the gear already and will save you time because they already know where are the best places to go. Plan on spending most of a day on this activity, although several outfitters offer overnight camping trips along with kloofing.

Know before you go:

  • This activity involves climbing, scrambling over rocks, jumping off heights, sliding on your bottom, wearing a wetsuit (in cooler months) and climbing gear. You must be in reasonably good shape.
  • The route your outfitter is planning to go. Some areas offer you options; you may not have to jump into that cold pool of water. However, on most of these trips, there is only one way in and one way out so, be sure you understand what you’re signing on for.
  • Kloofing started on the West Coast and that area has the most kloofing sites. Do you homework and know where and how you can work it into your travel schedule.
  • Most companies require participants to be at least 12 years of age. They will sometimes make exceptions, but inquire first!
  • Rates vary but plan on around $32 per person for a 4-hour excursion, about 50 bucks for a full-day adventure which includes lunch, and $85 – $100 for a campout, no-frills overnighter.

Kloofing is not for everyone but for those who venture forth, the risk and the reward are some of the best South Africa has to offer.