Topography and Regions

South Africa’s topography is incredibly diverse. From mountains to beaches, deserts to wetlands and everything in between.

Open this geological map at wikipedia for a good view of the regions of South Africa.

The green part of the map is called the Highveld. It is similar to the great plains of North America. Fertile and well-watered, this is the bread basket of the country. It is also, where the most gold is mined.

The Lowveld is in yellow. This is the home of Kruger National Park. It is THE place to go for safari.

The brown area is the Great Karoo. It is dryer than the veld and has distinctive hills with flat tops. The Karoo is made up of mountain ranges and scrubland.

The Great Escarpment and the Cape Fold Mountains define the southernmost area of the country and exist side by side although they were formed from very different processes. The scenery is dramatic. If geology is a special interest for you, then you must visit this area and see it for yourself.